torsdag 29 december 2011

Moving to farmer's racer

The new blog is ready for 2012. Klick on the picture to get to the new website. Recycle motorcycle will no longer be uppdated - all news will be posted on farmer's racer.


fredag 16 december 2011

Detail work

Finaly the major construction work on the side panels is done. I gave up the idéa of hair pin fasteners as they would reach to far outside the round shape of the nuts. Ended up – as usually – with a home made wire fastener. To solve construction idéas with wire, is so common within the Swedish farming comunity that it has got it’s own name: farmer’s weld:)
There is still some metalwork to be done on the panels. One or two edges will be bent, maybe some surface work. The finish can end up in two different estetics: perfect new look, or worn surfaces. To make something look new is the easy one, but I’m aiming on the more difficult path of making a new part blend in with the old bike.

söndag 11 december 2011

Designers tips

If something looks ugly – make five more of them and ugly becomes ”this is rare man”. It’s much better to be rare than ugly:) Six ugly nuts have been made for the side panels. Looked all over internet for oldschool fasteners, but ended upp making my own. The design of the quick locks that I found belongs to much faster bikes than mine.
A little time by the lathe transformed 6 washers and m8 nuts into a tiny welding job. The notch in the nut is made for a hairpin sprint. I need to get an easy access to the sparkplug behind the panel. To prevent me from getting more gray hair I will make a little wrench for the custom nuts – kept together with the ignition key.

Some adjustments will be made to both the nuts and the panel fittings before the holes for the hairpins will be drilled.

söndag 4 december 2011

Panels in place

The panels are mounted on the bike. The exact possition is adjusted with leather washers. The three mounting points feels quite solid, and I hope that the panels wont rattle to much when the engine runs. If they rattle to much they will cut a nice little hole in my dragin jeans. My knees is just reaching the back mounts - I will need to make well rounded custom nuts to save the clothing. I could not resist throwing some paint on the panels, just to get a picture of the result to come. This is just a color sketch with an of white to match my vintage jacket. This will serve as a backdrop to a number and some sponsor logos.

onsdag 30 november 2011

All in place

All the stainles rods are now in place. By beeing quite exact at this stage I make it easier to place the holes in the panels as symmetric as possible. But I'm sure that I will get gray hairs because nothing else is the same on both sides. Even the gas tank is mounted of center by one full centimeter. Probably a monday morning gas tank from the yamaha industries. Now it's just a matter of cutting 5 millimeter of the rods at a time to place the panels at an equal distance from the tank. No more measuring - just looking and walking around.

måndag 28 november 2011

Top fitting

There are two kind of welders in the world. The ones that makes it look so easy and simple - and the ones that make it look like the most difficult task in the world. I'm the later one. It is no use to compete with the skills of my contractors. But at this prototype level it is quite fun to "glue" metal together:) This is the top, front fitting of the side panels. Mounted on the gas tank supports with the possibility to make some minor adjustments to the panels.

torsdag 24 november 2011

Fairing fittings

Workshop obsessions - can not put any new bolts on my old bike. All the parts I saved when I stripped the bike is now good to have. Found a couple of M6 to mount the first fittings of the side panels.

Pins are starting to stick out of the frame in different directions. First attempt was to weld some sort of clamp for the center tube of the frame. But my style-police-me immediately censored the idéa. The clamp design looks to cheep. I need to find something under the tank, solid enough to hold the top link to the panels.

onsdag 23 november 2011

Engine hiding

It works - if one wants to show something in design, it pays of to hide it. The engine looks more massive behind the side covers. The aluminum I got was stiffer than I thought - but I got the edges quite equal on both sides. The curve of the plates follows the tank, and opens up at the front of the frame. I will need three fixing points to hold everything in place. I´m dangerously close to design custom nuts and locking pins for the panels. Can hear my self cursing my own design in a future roadside brakedown..:)

The basic shape of the panels is done, and I cant do anything more before the supports and fittings are in place. After that I can start working - getting all gaps and distances correct.

söndag 20 november 2011

Paper fairing

A whole day with scissors. It is a tricky to get the same impression of both sides of the bike. The left side of the engine is far less decorated: no kick, no oilfilter and no exhaust system. The side panel will also be higher on the left side. The quickest way to compare is to make paper scetches, tape them on and walk around.  When one is smiling for a whole lap the work is done.

Time to transfer the paper models to aluminum. I could have done this in my computer but I´ve learned that the curves chosen by computers are different to the ones made by hand. And I want the panels to have a home made feeling - something added to the bike by the owner.

The distance to the tank is dictated by the right hand side of the engine. The cam chain takes a lot of room, and that gives the feeling that the whole engine is mounted of center. I need a good air flow around the engine, so the right side distance to the tank is transfered to the left side. The room between the panel and cylinder will therefore be bigger on the left than on the right hand side.

The aluminum is new and shining. But I will work a lot with adding an ugly accent to the design (no problems with my limited metal skills). Some wear and tear to match the rest of the almost 30 year old bike. My friend, Mats, came up with the idea to make some extra holes, as if the panels were a part of a bigger fairing, or even dents and rips.

onsdag 16 november 2011

Brand preview

A brand is born. In the beginning of 2012 recyclemotorcycle will move to the new brand farmers racer. The blog will continue and there will be additional subjects to motorcycles and motorcycle gear. Get a sneak preview of the brand by clicking on the picture above.

torsdag 10 november 2011

Wood sketch

Strange fairings are being built in the woorkshop. I have come to the conclusion that I want to use my front end design for one more year - no big front screen. The fairing design is now stripped down to side panels - a perfect place for a numberplate. Through the wood sketches I´ve learned that the curve of the panels is very small. So small that I think i will invest in a good hammer and some aluminum sheet metal. I´d rather spend the winter hammering than messing with glass fiber and resin:)

torsdag 3 november 2011

Tarp prototype

The first prototype of the wrench turning tarp is comming together. The material looks promising and it will be easy for all the customers to recognise the orgin from tyres - both by the weight and texture. After many hours of testing in the workshop I´m already addicted to the little room, around the bike, created by the tarp. It is much easier to keep track of all the tools on the rubber carpet than spreading wrenches and parts all over the floor.

The tarp will be sold under a new brand. Sadly recyclemotorcycle is occupied by a recycled motorcycle shop in US, and this will create some confusion. But a new domain is on the way and this blog will be moved during the winter to the new domain and brand. I will keep you all informed when and were this will be done.

onsdag 2 november 2011

Riding november

Went for a ride just to be able to say - drove my bike untill november. I did reach the 3500km distance this summer, but this last ride was not a holliday. My friend Mats had to turn back home to get a new head light bulb, and this was only the beginning. After this it took us about one hour to get both machines running at the same time. While one motor was idling in the autum breeze, the other bike refused to ignite. Hudududuf - hudududuf - hudududuf. My bike was training my right leg more than my friends leg/bike configuration. All the tricks in the book was used to get my bike running. But as soon as one bike started, the other one gave up. - Test to kick with a full open throttle (Mats idea)... I kicked down hard, and: BANG. It started:) but the engine celebrated by blowing two light bulbs in the process - the tail light and the left turn signal said good bye. No such bulbs in my hometown. Nearest shop is in Kalmar - 25km of illegal racing on small roads and cow trails to reach the shops back door. - My bike back fires, was my friends first words in Kalmar. - The exhaust is shaking. And his diagnoses could not be better. One of the nuts, holding the exhaust system to the cylinder head was somewhere in between where it should be and the neighbourhood. The drive back home was a nice symphony of explosions, rattling metal and not so functional bulbs. But we did drive in november this year!

Thanks Mats for all the laughs:)

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Wrench turning tarp

The picture above is from the early days of the rebuild - taken one year ago. A lot of the work on the bike has been done in delicate environment. As oil change on vintage wooden floors or valve tuning on the kitchen table. As a designer I get in contact with a lot of interesting manufacturers, and new materials is developed every year. I just found out about a rubber tarp, made from recycled car and motorcycle tyres. The use of it today is floors in stables and decks on aluminum boats. I have a shipping on the way to my office. The plan is to start producing recycled rubber tarps for motorcycle builders. Specially cut to fit under a bike when you need to protect the floor - or if you have the habit of breaking down in nature. No more missing bolts in the lawn - no more oil in nature or on the sandwich. The tarp will be made in different sizes and models. The goal is to have a small production running before christmas.

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Bar end mirror

Finaly the bar end mirror is complete. Custom made for the bike. I had a lot of trouble finding a design that did not add to the width of the bike. With triumph grips, measuring 16 centimeters, there is no need for a mirror that hangs outside the bike. It is easy to move the hand on the grip in order to get full view of the world behind you. The connection to the clipon is two metal tubes with a diagonal ends. The inner tube and the rod to the mirror is threaded. When the mirror rod is turned around the clip on the metal tubes presses together and expand.

Trying to mount my camera on the bike - but the movies gets blur. The positive thing is that the valves finaly seals perfect to the seats. Compression is now over 150 psi. And I have 200km to go before the engine is tuned in perfectly. The vibrations is there, and the roar is comming back. And the rear view mirror spinns like a propeller when I hit 90 km/h:) Need to tighten some screws even more...